Design Your
Second Half:
A Case Study
Design Your Second Half: A Case Study
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I'm Nancy Del Santo & I'm dedicated to helping you live the lifestyle you're craving in the home that will make your heart sing.

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lifestyle  align  design  system (LADS)
1.  a method of home design emphasizing lifestyle
2.  creating intense feelings of joy, connection, & fulfillment 

​​​​​​What's uniquely satisfying to you? What makes you feel enthusiastic about life? What fills up all of your senses?

Getting the answers to these questions is the foundation of my signature Lifestyle Align Design System (LADS).

Loving where you live doesn't require a big budget.  It's about creating an experience that uniquely delights all of your senses in a place that serves up what you cherish most.
3 Absolute Must Do Secrets To Help You Step Into The Happy Home & Happy Life You Really Want

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