On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love your life?
How To Unleash Your Wisdom & Live Your Most Compelling Second Half
Discover how to feel more relevant, confident & hopeful about your future.
You poured so much of yourself into family, friends, and work but time marches on and it feels like everything's changing. Kids grow up, friends move, and work feels less fulfilling. 
If anxiety and hesitation keep you up at night as you wonder what’s next, I have a system to help you retool your life.

​​​​​​​After working with me, you’ll discover the secret to renewed meaning and purpose, joy and connection that will set the stage for your amazing second half.

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I’m Nancy Del Santo. As an interior designer, I’ve worked with people who were navigating big changes in their lives. Experience is the best teacher. It gave me rare insights on what works well and what doesn’t.
When life happened to me in an unexpected way, I learned even more. Now I help people get into alignment with the lifestyle they really want. 
Imagine what life would be like if every time you walked into a room, you felt relevant, confident, and hopeful about your future?

"I sit here looking at the sunlight streaming in around me, listening to birds chirp and watching the clouds roll in off the ocean to the mountains. I have been blessed to live in a few homes with lovely views but this happiness and contentment have not always been there like they are in the lifestyle space you’ve helped me create. I honestly thank my luckiest stars to have found you. You have created my happiest place on earth. I hope I have really made you understand how truly grateful I am for all you’ve done for me. I have not met many professionals I would want to work with again on any project life presents but I would team up with you to tackle anything! I honor and admire your focus, your talent, and your ability in all things! I am grateful you’ve kept me on your blog list. We are looking forward to another year in our dream house with tasty, fun evenings and lots of new friends! You are such a bright star in my world.” ~ Teri Brault
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