How do you remake a historic home into something that works for a young family with an active lifestyle without taking away the old-world charm and beauty?

Come take a look at one of my favorite projects, a fabulous, family-friendly, recently renovated and restored home I call Today's Craftsman.

This home has a significant architectural heritage. It was built in 1907 by the notable Greene & Greene architectural firm who designed and built the famous Gamble House one year later just a mile away.
Every room in this home is family friendly and every space is used. Nothing is off-limits. These homeowners have infused their personality into every room with art that teases and tickles, materials you want touch, and clean lined furnishings offering comfort.
The entry showcases fine wood joinery original to this Greene and Greene home.
The homeowners inherited an uninspired and disfunctional kitchen remodeled prior to their purchase.  The range was tucked away in an alcove setting up a dangerous situation when the flame was on and out of sight.  Everything was oddly located and there was little storage.  The only place to eat was at a bar height island off to one side of the room ~ not ideal for little children.

Brilliantly, the homeowners assembled a team.  I was honored to be the interior designer working closely with the architect, builder, and homeowners.  I've found the very best work comes from collaboration and I'm proud of this team effort.

There were significant structural issues that had to be dealt with for this kitchen remodel. Beams were used to camouflage problems and add architectural interest in the space.  
We spent many hours talking about the functionality of the kitchen space before we ever talked about the things that make it so beautiful. Then we went on field trips together to look at materials, fixtures and appliances.  
The master bedroom comforts in a soft, hushed way. Original art sets the tone.
The new master bathroom is a spa-like experience.  We borrowed space from an adjoining family room to expand the master bathroom and closets.  You can see the cramped space of the old master bathroom in the before photo.
The old master bathroom had one small shower and no tub.  In the new space, the shower is luxuriously oversized and there's a large freestanding tub. 
One of the favorite places for the family to hang out is in this family room.  We reworked an existing space, taking part of the room and reallocating it to the master bathroom and closets.  See the before photos of the same space below.
The children's bathroom was completely gutted.  See the new bathroom below.
Just off to the side of the swimming pool, the new pool house is used in so many different ways. It allows this young family to host every kind of event.  This space opens to the beautiful backyard.